Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On The Road Again, just wish it was the Doolin road

It has been about six months since my last post, kinda got burned out on Bufblofopo, but lots of great stuff has come to pass, and now I miss communicating. So, every once in a while, I plan to do a modest post.

Our trip to Ireland was beyond all hopes cool. If you were there, you know. If not, come with us the next time. The next trip is still in dreamscape, but we will go together once more, for sure.

The garden was a disaster. John got the tomatoes in, but I could not keep up with it, I'm sorry to say. Next year for sure. The little fruit trees are basically ok, however. We need to deer protect them, and we all plan to do our part.

Julia & I had a terrific trip to Dallas, got a last dinner in one of our all time favorite restaraunts, LOLA, which is shutting down at the end of October. Thanks to them for several lifelong memory meals and wines. Plenty of Bloody Marys at the Rattlesnake Bar. Mighty good.

The Sabres open up Saturday. Totally my favorite sport. A happy anticipation to say goodnight by. All my love to you.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Four things I'll tell you more about....later

I. I just paid a visit to my tomato seedlings. The are just gorgeous,all green & perky under artificial light. I watered them, said hello & had a glass of wine while dreaming of this year's garden. It will be remarkable. Could it be otherwise with tomatoes named "Clint Eastwood Rowdy Red" or "Paul Robeson Black Tomato" ? I think not.

II. Ireland. With the fam. Trip of a lifetime until we go to Alaska. With bags of Score bars.

III. I got to see snippets of Obama's town hall press conference today, streaming on the computer. I am so hopeful that the world and our country will achieve the greatness we are destined for. Come on, Republicans and Bluedogs. This is the TWENTY FIRST century. People should not be hungry, sick, poor or at war just to feed your political ambition. You are truly pimples on the ass of prosperity.

IV. Although this is March Madness season, I love the Sabres & the Bills. Will next year be the years? I'll write again in 12 months.

..and the damage done

I have a picture to post in response to the Bufblopofo, but, I don't know how. I will get help with this, because you will clearly see that Grandma must have smoked, highballed and cocktailed, and listened to jazz in 1949. I think it notable that we celebrated each pregnancy with champagne, and never drank Pet milk, even in WIC days. Downed a lot of Total and cheese, though.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've spent quite a while thinking about people who inspire me, and there is no shortage of these folks, but very few that resonate in the current milieu. I think that I admire Obama because he is the fulfillment of the culture of the sixties, where I came from. By this, I mean he is the emblem of a post racial society that, for sure more than the recent past, strives for social justice as a means to uplift everybody. And, he is Irish.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jagermeister? you'll get gold poisoning!

I was in the Boy Scouts for only one night. A little too much structure for me, I guess, so I do not know the rules. In general, I try to be non-judgemental about how others live their lives, but I truly appreciate those who, when they vomit, manage to hit the porcelain or are far enough away from the house so no cleanup is necessary. On the rare occasion that a guest has too much to drink, or even has a nausea/vomiting episode, I think lovingly of all who, myself for sure, have been there, done that. Just don't drive, or mix Midleton with anything. You are always welcome in our house.

Arise, fair sun.....

I do not believe that I've had the pleasure, but I hope to meet Erin Go Blog before too long. I know she reads a kindle, has a new husband, new house & a new job. I hope she is feeling better, and would love to be invited for meatballs when she is well again.

My question for Erin is: you seem to be, like most of us, pretty busy. Your job is on your list of three things (so is relaxation, to be fair). What do you think Anna Quindlen, who seems to advocate more relaxed lifestyle, would ask you if she were posing the Bufblofopo question ?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Form Topic

The geezer rock station on Sirius has been playing the 33 most influential albums made on vinyl this weekend. I listened to some of it today, and actually got into hearing this music after all these many years. The top album is "Dark Side of the Moon", which I am ok with, but I have often thought that "Strawberry Fields" was the first departure from the white rock that preceeded it, and maybe the beginning of psychedelic music that pretty much defined the later sixties, when I was so impressionable. I was winter camping with my brothers Jim & Joe, and our essentially adopted brother Jim Angie. We were camped alongside the creek near the old cabin , which burned down before then, which you can see from the 400. The chimney still stands, and you can see it from the road shortly after the onramp at main st. Anyway, AM was the only radio, and there were great, booming stations that could be tuned in late at night from all over, Chicago, NYC (77, WABC), Detroit,Cleveland, and so on. Buffalo had WKBW, and the disc jockeys were big personalities: Dan Neaverth, Joey Reynolds, Russ Syracuse, Tommy Shannon. We listened to them on all kinds of radios, tubes, crystals and eventually, transistors. Radios became truly portable then, and we had one camping. We all hated Strawberry Fields, in fact were generally cool to most of Sgt. Pepper. We eventually came to love this music. I still do.